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The time to start thinking about your appeal is before you file the complaint. Your first pleading in a case starts to define the limits of appellate review. Mr. Caso is available to consult with you on how to set the frame of your case so that you are in the best position when you are faced with an appeal. He can also assist you with your significant motions preliminary injunction, summary judgment, and motions for issuance of a writ. Throughout the process, you keep the client relationship and Mr. Caso works directly with you as either a consultant or co-counsel on the litigation.

Once judgment is entered, Mr. Caso can help you prepare for the appeal. Critical decisions need to be made at the very beginning of the appellate process do you have sufficient grounds for an appeal? What issues should you select for the appeal and how can you tie them together into a coherent theme? What needs to be in your record on appeal?

Again, whether Mr. Caso is a consultant on the team to help you select issues and to review initial drafts of your briefs or whether he joins the team as co-counsel to take the lead on the appeal you keep the client relationship.

Before Appeal
*Framing the issues for litigation
*Motions strategy
*Drafting and arguing summary judgments, injunctions, and writ motions

After Judgment
*Selecting issues
*Providing initial drafts
*Reviewing drafts
*Preparing for oral argument
*Moot Courts
*Counsel of record for the appeal